Family Resources

Adventurers and Pathfinders - If you are looking for fun and educational activities  for you or your child, here is a club environment you and your child will enjoy and grow in. Pathfinders - For children ages 10 to 15.                               Adventurers - For children ages 4 to 9. - recently published a guide highlighting discounts and benefits available to seniors to encourage them to make the most out of their hard-earned retirement dollars: 

Assisted Living - If you are contemplating getting assistance for yourself or a family member who is unable to function safely and independently, there is help. Add your state after the following address for specific help in your state. 

Elder abuse or neglect - Whether at home or in a nursing home, you need to know the reliability of the person(s) caring for your loved one. Read about your responsibility and the rights of your loved one:

Mesothelioma Diagnosis? There's help 

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, there's Information and support for you now.

Protect your vision - What to expect and How to improve vision now and as we age 

Alcohol or substance abuse: You or someone you know caught in the trap of alcohol or substance use and/or abuse, there's help out there:

Learn the fundamentals of finance and accounting at no cost to you  

With the economy getting more difficult and time consuming to deal with, the following website may aid in  your search for  assistance:

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- Adventurers and Pathfinders

- Assisted Living Resources

- Aging and our eyes - preventing deterioration of our vision as we age

- Alcohol use or abuse

- Learn Finance and Accounting (no cost)

- Nursing home abuse and neglect

- Pathfinders and Adventurers

- Retirement guide